Feel Good Giving Campaign - Doing Business for Good

At the heart of Franklin James is a strong set of ethics. The very foundation of our practice is our shared beliefs and values.

Recently, we decided to each write down our ’top 10 beliefs’.

We then compiled then into a list of our combined top 10 to remind us they ways in which we want to be running the company. You can find these on the ‘About Us’ page.

We all agreed that we are personable and friendly people. That everyone you meet is equal to you and should be treated with kindness. We think this might be the reason that many people we chase for debts come back to thank us for how nicely we chased them and request our services for themselves!

Many of our beliefs and values matched up with each other, but one thing we all prioritised was wanting to help…

We all believe that we were put on this earth to do good, help others and make a positive difference.

This got us talking. How can we portray our beliefs in the service that service that we give our clients?

Feel good Giving

I recently returned from a masterclass with AVN Accountants. During these few days we discussed what accountants can be doing to give their clients the best experience possible. Plus how to incorporate doing good with providing a good service.

With this new knowledge and full of ideas, I returned to the office.

Charity has always been important to us. Our director Sharon even had her own charity for a decade!

So, we decided to start giving back.

The purpose of credit management is to improve your cash flow and finances, so why not reflect what we are doing with your accounts with what we are doing for the world?

Steve Pipe, the author of ‘The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants’, recently brought my attention to Buy 1 Give 1.

Buy 1 Give 1 is an organisation that allows your do donate ‘micro impacts’ to those in need. For example, a month’s supply of food or water, vaccinations and education.

It tracks how many smiles you have created rather than how many £s you have given.

The website states “bring giving into your everyday business. Your business can now impact lives from as little as one cent.”
You are able to set goals and track the impacts you have made in real time.

Through talking to Steve, I contributed a month of food and water to a child in Cambodia as well as education to keep her away from slave trade on behalf of Franklin James – for next to nothing.

It filled me with joy to think that this girl’s life could change forever, and all I had to do was tap once on the app. I thought “why am I only just seeing this now?!”
As of 15th December 2017, businesses have made 135,783,946 micro impacts through Buy 1 Give 1. This number seems to increase every time I look at the website!

We decided to incorporate something similar into our service. For every new client we take on, we will donate a micro impact to someone who really needs it at home in the UK. Our chosen charity to support is Wycombe Homeless Connection. They are a local charity to where we are based who work to provide people without homes with “fresh starts” and opportunities.

Shelter’s figures show that as of April this year 281,000 people were living in temporary accommodation in Britain. A further 21,300 were in single homeless hostels or social services housing. While 4,500 were rough sleeping.”

We want to help, even if it’s a little. So for every new customer we obtain, we will donate £5 of our profits to this fabulous charity. We will show you this when we do it. Together we will be supporting a greater cause than just ourselves. We will “feel good giving,” and so can you.

We think it’s a great incentive to work harder and a fantastically easy way to improve lives. It gives an added level of purpose to everyday working life and can turn an average meeting about your tax return into a new opportunity for someone who really needs it.

It’s about time we started to make a difference.

To have a look at the charity we are supporting “Wycombe Homeless Connection” visit https://www.wyhoc.org.uk/

Spread the word and start doing good by feeling good with us.

feel good giving