Are you owed money from a customer?

Don’t worry! Many businesses have customers who are not paying. With payments that are proving tricky to collect, bringing in a professional third party like us will increase your chances of getting paid.

Our debt collection service is quick, and it is cost-effective for you. There are no upfront fees to pay, and we work on a “no win, no fee” basis! Even if you think you might never get your money, it is always worth a try.

Our experienced team are always honest and open with you and they do all the work. But you are in charge! We keep you informed each step of the way and discuss all of the options available!

We do like a challenge, and with 25 years’ experience we have had many of them! On a number of occasions we have even collected debts that county court bailiffs could not get.

It is our aim is to remove any stress from the debt collection process for you.

Have you got a debt for under £500?

Then why not issue your own Notice Before Proceedings Letter


Do you need to obtain a credit report?

If you need to obtain a credit report to verify the latest address of your debtor, try our credit report service for £4.95


Commercial debt collection solution

Benefits for you

  • The service is No Win, No Fee.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Qualified mediators and negotiators make up our teams.
  • Tracking & tracing services are included in the service.
  • Escalation & support through Legal recovery process.
  • It is time saving & cost effective for you.
  • We make it stress free for you!
  • Expert advice is available on tap.
  • We are always honest and open with you.
  • Customer credit report monitoring to keep you in the know.
  • We provide you with regular updates and progress reports.

So What Do We Charge?


Debts over £1000

15% + VAT


Debts Over £1000

25% + VAT

It is completely natural for you to have more questions, so read our business debt recovery FAQ’s below or alternatively call 01494 422742.

Commercial Debt Recovery FAQ's

“FJ Credit Management was recommended by a friend and one week later the money owed to our company, which we had been chasing for 5 months, was in our bank account!

Awesome service, very professional and very friendly. Would highly recommend!”


If you have more than 1 business debt that needs collecting, or if you need to improve your cash flow quickly, try our cashflow accelerator service.

Cashflow Accelerator