Step by Step Credit Control

Simplifying the Credit Control Process For You!

Following a step by step credit control plan will have all your employees following a consistent and professional proven method.

Follow these steps for an easy guide through your credit control.

  1. Invoice

Immediately after goods or services have been provided, send your customer an invoice.
This will give you the best opportunity for an early payment while it is still on their minds. Make sure that your invoice includes your payment terms on it.

  1. Check In

For 30 day payment terms, after about 14 days, give your customer a courtesy call. This is to make sure they received your invoice and have no queries regarding payment.
Doing this eliminates the possibility of the customer telling you they never received an invoice on or after the due date.

  1. Chase Up

If the payment becomes overdue, give a further courtesy call to your customer. Remind them that the payment is now due and ask when you should be expecting it for.
Occasionally people will simply mix up dates.

  1. First Warning

If the debt still hasn’t been paid a week later, send a letter to the customer warning that they have seven days to pay before it is taken to a debt collection agency.

  1. Debt Collectors

If you have made all effort to collect payment and there is nothing else you can do, pass the debt to a commercial debt collection agency. Sometimes involving a third party can “gee up” your customer to pay.

If would like any advice or further methods of the credit control process, contact us and we will help you!

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