Company Credit Reporting

Check your customers Credit Report

Obtaining a credit report on your potential new customer will help you make an informed decision about the payment terms you offer to your customer. This will in turn reduce your companies risk against bad debt.

If you check a potential customers credit report and see that they have CCJ’s against their name, you can determine whether you want them to pay in advance, or what risk you are willing to take based on the circumstances.

Doing a credit report will allow you to verify a customers address too, which you will need to know if your customer ever gets into debt with you.

For example, a customer with a poor credit score may be offered a “cash only” account, in contrast to “30 day” payment terms offered to a customer with a good credit report.

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Our credit reports provide you with:

  • An overview summary of the Company
  • Full UK company incorporation details
  • Details of individual directors and shareholders including other directorships in other companies
  • Event History
  • Group Structure (if applicable)
  • Details of the companies mortgages and charges
  • Four years of financial information, including Profit and loss and Balance sheet.
  • Legal notices
  • County Court Judgment information
  • Credit Rating Risk Score
  • Recommended Credit Limit
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Company Credit Reporting allows you to anticipate potential issues before they occur, avoid bad debt and the legal ramifications of a customer not paying. It ensures you only deal with companies that are creditworthy and solvent, giving you peace of mind before entering into any contract with them.

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