You no longer need to do your own bookkeeping – There is a cost effective solution

Are you the person who realises the Self-Assessment filing deadline is looming and you haven’t completed any bookkeeping yet?

Or are you the person who makes a regular habit out of entering your books and keeps them up to date so that you can keep track of your finances? So that you can spot trends in your finances early on? So that you can identify potential financial issues before they become critical?

The data that is collated by a book-keeper enables you to make effective financial decisions on your business.

According to Open Democracy UK “the UK has become the world’s second largest outsourcing market!”

The Bookkeeper

Book-keepers are different from accountants! Although both roles do focus on finance management.

The bookkeeper in addition to maintaining accurate business records can:

  • Manage business repayments
  • They ensure the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial transactions
  • They can produce invoices
  • Chase debtors for payments
  • Produce aged debtors and credit reports
  • Set aside monies for corporation tax and so on

A professional bookkeeper has the expertise, knowledge, and accuracy to ensure your financial data is maintained to a high quality.

There are many other aspects of a business’s finances that a bookkeeper may touch on, from travel expenses to taxes!

The Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping:

Time Saving: Think about what can you do with the extra time? Will you have more time to focus on business growth? A bookkeeper will probably be able to do it in half the time it would take you.

Money Saving: The time and money aspect come together as one for SME’s. It takes a lot of time to enter your finances, so if you use a bookkeeper it gives you extra time to bring in extra sales.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping you can avoid additional employee expenses. Things like having to buy new office equipment, getting insurance, sorting payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, paid time-off, etc wont need to be arranged!

Access to expertise – you might be an expert in the services that you offer. But are you an expert in bookkeeping? Think about it, we do this every day and its the thing our team focus on.

Finally having a book-keeper will reduce your stress, no last minute panics when a deadline is looming. It frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business or life and gives you peace of mind knowing that a professionally qualified book-keeper is attending to your finance needs.

If you decide to give this a try, then I promise you wont be disappointed. Franklin James Credit Management employs ICB and AAT certified bookkeepers with years of experience.

What most people do is begin a short trial to start, there is no contract though so you are not tied in and you can see how it works in favour your daily routine.

You can find out more about our bookkeeping services here.


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