Our Vision

We believe many business owners and their teams are overwhelmed with work load, so much so, that certain key aspects of their business are moved to the bottom of the to do list. Being able to communicate with a customer to resolve a query, especially when disputing money can sometimes be awkward. We know that less time spent struggling with processes of credit control, debt recovery and disputes, will free a business owner to focus on the growth and their own vision for their business. Knowing when you are going to get paid brings a sigh of relief for most people.

Our vision is to educate business owners about the processes and solutions available, to ensure you get paid on time, whilst delivering customer satisfaction.

We aim to inspire more people to out-source the time consuming, stressful, and costly aspects of their business, that can be effectively run with processes and methods that are defined by our own core values.







Since 2016 we have provided over 800 UK businesses with credit control and debt recovery services.

Our debt recovery success rate is 90.4%. Many of our customers have found our debt recovery service so helpful, that they have been inspired to work with us on a long-term basis doing their credit control.

Our team are highly trained and qualified in negotiation, mediation, and persuasion, which deliver the most positive and effective results for our customers.

We have partnered with business leaders in the finance industry to ensure our customers receive the very best services.

Founded by Paula Bolton and Sharon Stevens, experienced successful business leaders, “our mission is to provide inspirational knowledge to business owners to save them time, money and stress, whilst giving them the best customer service they have ever had.”

The things that make us great!


We give our customers the best service they have ever had


We encourage creativity & development. We strive to never stop learning and growing


We are personable and we know everything about our clients


We are individuals who make up an incredible team that is devoted to our customers


We speak without judgement & listen without judging


We believe honesty is always the best policy


We engage & encourage positive social & environmental behaviour


We put the best interests of our clients first. We add value & solve problems


We simplify the technical


We save our clients time, money and stress