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Outsourced Credit Control, Bookkeeping & Debt Recovery with FJCM

Outsourced Credit Control

Get paid on time! By outsourcing your credit control you will improve your cash flow. We will reduce the wait for your payments and let you know when they are coming in.

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Business Debt Recovery

Struggling to collect an overdue payment? Don’t worry! There are no upfront fees to pay for our “no win, no fee” service. We provide a timely and cost effective Business Debt Recovery service.

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Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Bookkeeping takes time, but it doesn’t have to take yours! You can let someone else do it for you. So if you’d like help getting to grips with your bookkeeping, we’d love to help you.

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More of what we do!

From credit reporting, to accountancy, mediation to credit consultancy. We provide you with quality services all under one roof.

Do you find yourself flitting between many different tasks?

Does it sound good knowing that you don’t have to do time consuming tasks like Credit Control, Bookkeeping or debt collection?

Our Solution

At FJCM we focus on those time consuming areas of your business. Our outsourced credit control service improves your cash flow by making sure that you receive your payments on time.

It can be a nightmare when you spend more time trying to collect tricky debts, than what your actual profit is. Collecting your overdue payments is made simple with our experienced debt recovery people all under the same roof.

Qualified mediators resolve disputes for you. Our in-house qualified bookkeepers and accountants manage and file your accounts. With all of this knowledge and experience under one roof, we provide you with financial and cost effective solutions that help you.


Alan Grice Staircase Co.

“Franklin James helped us to collect a longstanding bad debt. Also they provided training and guidance to implement an effective credit control process for us. Their knowledge and experience is wrapped up in a fantastic level of service. They have been invaluable.”

Success Story - Alan Grice


“Thanks to the amazing FJCM my son got £7300.00 owing to him by his employers within 7 days. I would highly recommend FJCM if you are owed money and don’t know what to do. Friendly and caring service 100%”

100% Recruitment Ltd

“Brilliant service! We had some real problem debts and it was becoming a headache. Franklin James were quick, professional and extremely helpful. We had our money in full in under 2 weeks. Highly recommended.”

Lucy Fitzgerald

“The whole team have been so helpful. I have been super unorganised with my finances this year. So I went to Franklin James stressed and overwhelmed. They stepped in and took on my tax return. They were quick, very kind and helpful. Thanks everyone”

4 Reasons to Work with us

  • When you want to save time on your bookkeeping. If you need to file your self-assessment.
  • Because you need to improve your cash flow quickly. You want to know when payments are being made by your customers.
  • You have a tricky debt that you need recovering quickly.
  • You’re in a dispute but you don’t want to go to court.

4 More Reasons to Work with us

  • Our qualified bookkeepers don’t just enter your data. They look at your accounts and show you where savings can be made.
  • Up front fees for debt collection? Absolutely not! We work on a no win, no fee basis!
  • To become part of our feel good giving campaign.
  • Because your company growth is important to us.

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